What are they?

  1. A partial denture is a removable prosthesis made out of metal and acrylic used to replace missing teeth.
  2. A full denture is a removable prosthesis made out of acrylic used to replace a full arch of teeth.

How is the procedure done?
Recreating smiles and rebuilding mouths with removable partial and full dentures is truly an art!  At your initial appointment study models will be taken of your teeth to evaluate your bite. During your second appointment a final impression is made. Then, depending on the complexity of your case, you can expect two or more visits to deliver the final product. How is the procedure is done?  Results you can expect:
Following the delivery of your new dentures there is a variable period (generally 1 – 4 weeks) during which you will need to practice and learn how to use your new teeth. New dentures often feel bulky and awkward at first. The ability to function with dentures involves learned neuromuscular skills that take time to develop. Although the time required may vary and depend on the specific patient, all new denture wearers will require a learning period. Because the new artificial teeth may be placed in slightly different relationships and the denture base may feel large, speech patterns are often temporarily interrupted. The muscles of the tongue, lips and cheek must learn to coordinate movement to allow for normal speech.
The learning process can be enhanced by practice. Reading aloud is one way to minimize the time required to recover normal speech patterns. Also, chewing smaller bites of food on both sides of your mouth can help balance the denture(s). In a short amount of time you will; however, notice improved appearance, chewing efficiency, and comfort. Continued difficulty should be brought to our attention.